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February 27, 2022 1 min read



Did you feel the same way? They say that curiosity was the beginning of philosophy and that may also be the case for today's readers. However, it's the same with the rabbit hole, that you can easily get lost in it. What shines at the beginning and magically draws us in can turn out to be a trap upon closer inspection. Instead of climbing out of Plato's cave, we first climb deeper into it!

In my opinion, however, the meme lacks a third level: coming to terms with the state of the second level. Are you now looking stoically at your findings? Or do you rebel against the consequences? Both are certainly legitimate coping strategies. Maybe you become an anti-philosopher and surrender to Tolstoy's last practical wisdom: namely, that physical work (for example, managing a farm) leads to real satisfaction, and that man's straying from books only contributes to his unhappiness.


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