Agent Smith and the Status Quo Warriors

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Bors Matrix Baudrillard Meme


Meme experts will be familiar with the text from another very well-known meme created from a comic panel by Matt Bors. So why is this being reissued again with an edited image from Matrix? The point here is to make the meme of Bors even more explicit by moving the abstract statement of "improving society" into a dystopian manifestation of that very society, making action quite clearly a duty. At least when one has seen through the veil of deception. Morpheus (or the person taking action) can no longer be accused that his "revolution" is merely fed by personal resentment.

The thesis forces its antithesis and if we do not indulge in alogical conviction of a status quo warrior, we can simply call this progress. I can only interpret why this scares some people as thinking they have something to lose if something were to change. They are the Agent Smiths of this reality who, out of their abstract fears of loss (Freud sends his regards), can only order the world as they have come to know it and cannot and do not want to imagine any alternatives.I have to commend myself on this one for interpreting a matrix meme without mentioning Baudrillard. Oops ...

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