Bitcoin, the stock market, personal success and a stoic mindset

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How does this relate to a stoic downward spiral, which of course is not to be confused with pronounced apathy? Can I stoically watch my potential Bitcoin portfolio lose more and more value? What is money and what is wealth anyway? And what are crazy digital currencies with which I can at best pay awkwardly? By the way, we do accept four different cryptocurrencies in our store. 😆

In any case, the joke here arises from the misunderstanding of stoicism, even if "real" stoicism, which was after all formulated as the ideal of the stoic sage, has probably never been fully achieved. To the Stoic teachers, nothing was more important than taking care of oneself, but also taking care of the community, for example by holding a political office. However, all this seems to be possible only if one does not have to constantly indulge in material concerns. The Stoics were, after all, men of great wealth, and a small dip in exchange rates would probably have left them cold because they still had enough resources in other portfolios.

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