The French discourse: Language as a tool of power

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This actually happened in a group chat on Instagram that I participate in and I still have to laugh when I see this screenshot. One can't deny a certain comedy to the whole thing either, and I'm not even thinking of difficult translations (Heidegger) or language out of time (Kant), but actually of the French discourse that made the problem "discovered" here into the methodology itself and thus took academic gatekeeping to the extreme. In the process, the latter often rolled over itself and became a self-deprecating figure. Have you ever tried to read - or even understand - Deleuze & Guattari? Then please summarize what they have to say, so that everybody understands it :P

But that's not what French discourse is primarily about. Instead, not understanding every single aspect of the context is the real study experience. So it makes no sense at all to want to understand EVERYTHING. It is, on the contrary, to reflect our world and its current reality, which in its totality is no longer comprehensible to a single individual. Hegel's overall design to explain the world as it is is no longer possible under today's conditions. Of course, one can boldly claim the opposite, but these are mostly people who last week thought they were experts in virology and who are now experts in foreign policy and warfare. But do they actually know nothing? Well, they know how to create confusion and that is already a means to establish the appropriate truth (which does not exist). This is particularly fatal when others want to participate in this discourse but do not feel empowered to do so and instead indulge in imposter syndrome. But what is an imposter among imposters other than a participant?

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