Social Media is an abyss that also gazes into you

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Social Media Abyss Meme

The data kraken we call "social" media is the perfect translation for Plato's Allegory of the Cave into our time. Algorithms reflect to us what we want to see anyway or what we react to (violently). We have become reaction machines, conditioned like rats pressing buttons to get a little dopamine released. At the same time, getting out of the cave is futile, because we are no longer used to the light in the outside world. We have - in Cioran's words - made ourselves at home in the abyss.

The logout is nothing else than the exit from Plato's cave, even if that is easier said than done. But this also seems to remain true: society will reject the one who refuses technology. To elaborate based on personal experience: I was an offline person without a cell phone until 2015. But I quickly understood that without new media, I would not pay my rent. So I became one of those online marketing people, caught up in the awareness that marketing is almost always necessarily anti-philosophical, distorting the truth rather than establishing it. So I can argue that there is also a third, unmarked point in the meme at which you can find yourself. This lies directly under the entrance into the cave, the light falls in, one can feel it, but one is nevertheless - forcibly - in the cave. Metaphysically speaking: something between hell and heaven. 

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