Seneca: "The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately."

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Seneca - Live Fast Die Young Meme


The Roman Stoic Seneca, in his easy-to-read book "The Brevity of Life," repeatedly returns to the idea that what matters is not how many years of life a person accumulates, but with what activities that person has filled his or her lifetime. So age is to be considered relatively, if one looks at the content of the lived time. Thus, a 35-year-old may have lived "more" than a 90-year-old.

Of course, by content, Seneca does not mean merely the many distractions that life has in store, such as games, drinking, and vices, but rather the pursuit of the stoic virtues, which in turn contribute to the resilience that a person can develop in the face of his or her own mortality. This is timeless and of particular importance in societies that tend to collectively repress death, even though it is an indisputable necessity.

One can also say that to philosophize is to learn to die. Our design is of course somewhat exaggerated and provocative, but that is how our designs are meant to be. Anyway, this design is a great conversation starter when you need to remind yourself and others once again that we are all mortal, and need to learn to use our time wisely over and over again.

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