Why philosophy at all? Why not let it go?

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I used to wonder about people who didn't share my enthusiasm for philosophical topics or didn't show any interest in them at all. Today, I sometimes wonder why I, of all people, am interested in it. At the end of the day, perhaps I am a little disappointed or have been able to see behind the scenes of the thick books. What they once promised me they could not keep: there are no definite answers, only the struggle with possibilities.

Instead, I have learned to fundamentally distrust metaphors and the primary thinkers. Maybe better answers are not in the books, but "on the street". The insights from this would not have been handed down in written form, but rather represent a Socratic approach to dialogue, the opposite of the eremite philosopher in the ivory tower, dwelling among his books. One can also do this without getting on the nerves of his fellow men. The answers of acquaintances, whether they are content / happy, for example, are no less true, just because they are not discussed in an academic framework. Maybe you don't have to question the belief systems completely, but "simply" check them for their everyday use. This approach is becoming more popular and accessible through podcasts - so all in all, it's not such a bad idea to get your head out of the books.

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