What is the meaning behind the search for meaning?

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Is it not a suffering for man, the search for meaning, the search for the purpose of his own existence? Is it not an addiction to meaning instead of a search? A manic panic that periodically assaults us like the horror that sets in when you look into an empty refrigerator at 3 a.m.? There is indeed a light that metaphorically also stands for human reason, but it also only serves to show us the emptiness that results from the infinite vastness of the cosmos.

Perhaps, however, this search for meaning also has an evolutionary function. Man is the animal that looks into the stars, that finds planets in the dark and counts the stars. The cosmic astonishment can make us small and modest, but also incite us to steal a piece of time from infinity and to give our life thereby no meaning, but something like fullness - understood as a temporal becoming of consciousness of time and space.

Did I mention that I am involved in astronomy in a layman's way? If you think philosophy is already mind-blowing, take a look at what the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), launched in December 2021, is technically implementing to explore the origin of our universe. I find it simply impressive that people come up with such ideas. Nevertheless, narrow-minded people would rather continue to organize war games on this planet ...

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