When logic became formalized

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According to Aristotle, what is true is to be determined by formalizing statements. For this we use so-called truth tables, as this is also shown in the meme. Aristotle's propositional logic is of binary form, which means that a statement is either true or false. Basically this has been preserved until today in the binary system of our computers.

However, this also brings limitations, because after all, it is still difficult to determine whether complex statements are actually always true. Modern science therefore uses empirical research, i.e. an approximation to the best possible theory. A claim to ultimate truth is not represented by serious scientists. The statement "all humans are mortal" is true, but only as long as there is a human being who has become immortal, in whatever form this may be.

Also the logic has developed in this direction. Fuzzy logic, for example, is a concept for data processing based on "degrees of truth" rather than the usual Boolean logic of "true or false" (1 or 0). So there is still something between the extremes of "true" and "false", with which the fuzzy logic is also called an attempt of the "precise capture of the imprecise". In large parts of application-related technology and statistics, binary logic has thus long since been discarded. Also as a student of philosophy one can make the experience shown in the meme, namely when one states that the Aristotelian propositional logic is indeed a learnable method to "finally" determine the truth irrefutably, but it also becomes obvious very quickly where the limits of this discipline lie.

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