Shipping Times

When will I receive my order?

We understand that our customers want their products shipped out as quickly as possible. To avoid misunderstandings we want to be transparent about our working progress and experience with estimated shipping times.

We do not sell items from stock in order to save resources. All products ordered are custom prints so please allow 2-4 working days for the print of your product. 

The shipping time depends on where you are located. To ensure that delivery distances are short, we are currently able to deliver from Spain or Latvia. This makes sense to ship quickly and reliably to all parts of Europe. We receive feedback that most orders are delivered to our customers after 5-10 days. 

We have also summarized data about the last months. 

1-3 days 12.18%
4-7 days 35.34%
8-11 days 16.84%
12-15 days 6.77%
16+ days 3.16%

Delivered shipments by transit time. The figure does not add up to 100% as shipments that are currently in transit are included but not listed. 

Shipping to rural environments or islands can take longer for obvious reasons. In each individual case we ensure that the goods arrive at our customers or a refund of the purchase price is made.

However, on rare occasions, there could be a slight delay. Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support once this happens. You reach us best via


What countries do we deliver to?

We offer a worldwide delivery for all products shown on this website. Just select your country of residence in the checkout. 

We partner with these global carriers to give you the best shipping experience:

postal carriers
The local post service of the respective country can also be entrusted with the final mile delivery.  


Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes, we do!


I did not receive a confirmation mail or a mail indicating the shipment. What do I do?
Please check your spam folder. We receive feedback that gmail puts our mails straight to your spam folder. You will find the Spam folder under "More" in your account. We do not mean the "ads" oder "social" filter.
I did not receive my order. What do I do?

We care about our customers and want to deliver the orders as fast as possible. In some cases - mostly due to the performance of the local postal services - orders can be lost or stuck. If you did not receive your order within 20 days from the date of shipping we will usually resend your order after we have investigated the case.