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Great shirt. Great service.

Pink Freud - The Dark Side Of Your Mom <br><br>Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirt

All of humanity's problems - Blaise Pascal Quote <br><br>Hoodie

Cool sticker!

Cool sticker!

Confortable and cool!

Great costumer service and good quality shirt! Will buy again!


I gave it to my 35 year old daughter who is engaged to a software engineer. They both loved it!

Patriarchy smashing

Excellent shirt and crisp clear graphic

Philosopher Socks

My best friend majored in philosophy and over 50 years later it has stood him in good stead. He loved the socks I sent him.

Outside the box

Nice shirts. Good graphics

The Thinker Evolution <br><br>Unisex Basic T-Shirt

Mad Marx - The Class Warrior <br><br>Unisex Basic T-Shirt

Consistently High Quality

I’m a big fan of the men’s’ black V-Necks, own several now, and continue to be impressed by the quality of both the prints and material softness. They’ve even upgraded and gone tagless in some cases, which is great!

Dinosaurs Didn't Read - Look What Happened To Them <br><br>Hoodie

Socrates - Know Nothing <br><br>Unisex Premium T-Shirt

Art Should Disturb The Comfortable And Comfort The Disturbed <br><br>Unisex V-Neck T-Shirt

Pink Freud

Hilarious, good qaulity, kind of an athletic fit

Great company, great shirt quality.

I ordered the "Make Orwell Fiction Again" T-shirt. It arrived quickly. But, I noticed a flaw in the shirt itself and contacted these fine people. Gave them a picture as well. They literally sent me a new shirt to replace it. That is great service! Love these guys!

Circular Reasoning Works <br><br>Sticker

Socrates - Know Nothing <br><br>Unisex Premium T-Shirt

Think Outside The Box <br><br>Unisex Basic T-Shirt

Best Christmas gift ever made

My best friend absolutely loved this T-shirt, it’s well made, breathable, and the print is perfect, also true to size. Third Christmas in a row, never disappointed.

High Marx. Lol

Great fit. Wonderful print on the front. Has to be my favorite shirt I've purchased in a long time.

hell is other people

wish you had a bit of variety on neck shapes


I like it a lot, it reminds me of a matrix scene

Happy New Year

The present has been well received by their destinataries and they were happy....